Realtime data

Information about lightning strikes in real time we record for the Slovenian area and also for the Balkan area. Information on real time are most often used in Alarm service and other applications. This information are very useful for the distribution companies, because they reduce time for fixing the failure transmission line. The results of correlation serves as additional information from locators errors. In addition to follow up the lightning strikes we also enable monitoring of rainfall.


This kind of data use companies which objects or working process are exposed to the weather. On the presence of lightning shots in real time on our surroundings we reminded via Alarms service  (LINK na Alarmiranje). Information are also used for correlation of transmission line in the electricity sector. The correlations serves to dispatcher in the control center as additional information and in case of transmission line failure reduce time of fixing it.

  • Electricity supplies
  • electroenergetics
  • transport
  • telecommunications
  • agriculture
  • for the protection sports facilities and sports events
  • production plants, which depend on a continuous and quality power supply 
  • objects that are exposed to atmospheric discharges
  • objects and institutions where are working process exposed to the atmospheric influence
  • hiking