Realtime data

System SCALAR detects Lightning strikes on Slovenia and West Balkan theritory. Realtime data are shown to end user only few seconds after the event.


Archive data

System SCALAR measures and arhives Lightning strikes data for almost 20 years. Data can be used in Insurance companies, for Statistic analysis, Risk evaluation and Planning protection against lightning strikes.


Lightning alarm service

Lightning alarm service informs the end user about storms over the area of interest. Benefit of service is mostly human life prottection, reducing the material and financial damage caused by lightning.



Long term Lightning data arhive is used for different evaluations sucs as Lightning strikes density map, map of Maximum values of Lightning strikes density, Thunderstorm days map and others.


Research and development

Archive data are basis for different research analysis such as Calculating of risk for prottection against lightning strikes, Risk analysis, Lightning strikes exposure analysis and others.

Miss lightning 2020 photo competition
We inform all who loves photography, that we have opened Miss lightning 2020 photo competition. If you would like to participate in the competition, please send your photos of lightning strikes on email adress We accept photos until the 1 of november 2020. The reward for the winning photo is 250 €.
SCALAR system 20th anniversary
This year SCALAR system celebrated 20th anniversary. Beginnings of system SCALAR reaches in 1998, when with help of ALDIS system Slovenia was covered with two lightning detection sensors. Until today system was constantly upgrading. System has new technology of lightning detection and distribution to its customers, new information technology and many new advanced services offered to its customers. On this occasion we’d like to thank to all our colleges, partners and customers for trust and support.