Archive data

When the first lightning strike was recorded in 1997 until today, the SCALAR system on the area of Slovenia archived more than 10 million information about atmospheric discharges. A rich archive of data is used in a various applications of SCALAR system, but this data is also used for statistical calculation and different analyzes. User can obtain archive data through the applications, or order them and integrates them into their system.


With help of archival data of SCALAR system we investigate the events that happened in the past and make plans for the future. The data are very useful for insurance companies, when they researching eligibility of the required compensation for the loss event. Construction and electricity companies also use our data when they plan to build objects or transmissions lines. 

  • insurance companies – to verify the claims from lightning strike
  • construction and power engineering – for the determination of risk assessment when decide no on the location of buildnig construction or the route of power lines and other overhead lines
  • electric power industry – to optimize protective equipment on power lines and other power objects
  • statistical institutes and companies – for statistical analysis 
  • for assessing threats to individual areas due to lightning strikes