Lightning Types

We separate lightning according to the position of formation of lightning (between clouds, between clouds and ground, inside of a cloud), according to the charge (positive and negative), and according on the course of lightning (ascending and descending). Down below are more detailed descriptions and visual presentation. You will also learn how lightning from nowhere is formed and what is fire lightning. 

According to the position of formating

The first categorization of lightnings are regardless of where they are formed. The most commonly lightnings are separated to the lightning between the clouds, lightnings between the cloud and ground and lightnings inside the clouds. most of the lightnings are formed between the clouds or in the cloud. On Earth's surface hits only 10% of all lightnings

According to the charge

We divide lightnings into the negative and positive lightnings. Negative lightnings are those lightnings that hit from the lower part of the cloud, where the negative charge is. Most of lightnings belongs into this category (about 90 percent). Another type of lightnings are positive lightnings, that hit from a top of a stormy cloud. On the top of the cloud is positive charge. Positive lightnings are less than the negative lightnings, but they could appear in winter months. A feature of this lightnings are also that they have more powerful amplitude than negative lightnings, the occur of positive lightning takes a little bit longer than the negative lightning.  Because of that this positive lightning often cause more damage and starts fire, so they are also called fire lightnings. Positive lightning strike from the top of the cloud, therefore from height between 4 and 7 km above the ground, can such lightning strike a few miles from the storm cloud. We called that lightning a lightning from nowhere.

According on the course

The third division of the lightnings are to the descending and ascending lightnings. Descending lightnings are those who are looking for a way out of the cloud and falling on the ground. Majority of that type of lightnings are lightnings between cloud and ground.  Ascending lightnings are those lightnings who rise from the ground to the cloud. Majority of that lightnings appears at a very high buildings.