SCALAR is member of european association EUCLID

More than 20 Lightning Localisation System (LLS) operators are connected in European Cooperation for Lightning Detection  EUCLID. In EUCLID sensor network is connected about 160 sensors for lightning detection. Operators of SCALAR system are one of the founders of EUCLID association.

Lighting strike data central analyzer is located in Wien. Analyzer is receiving lightning strike real time data from sensors. Then central processor calculates lightning parameters and send it to LLS operators servers among the Europe. LLS operators are connected in EUClID network to ensure greater stability of LLS and therefor provide more quality lightning strike data. For example, in case of failure of one sensor, the area is covered by sensors from other EUCLID LLS operators. To ensure quality of ightning strike data, EUCLID network has redundant lightning analyzer in Germany. Based on thatEUCLID members offers their users more quality and reliable lightning strike data.